Vikas Agrawal
Vikas Agrawal (Born 1979) is Director at DHTA Systems Pvt Ltd and former IT Head at Oracle. Apart from all these, He is executing several ventures in partnerships with friends and colleagues.

Since the mid-2006s has focused his efforts toward investment in IT Sector. His terrific business mind and multifaceted talent are the key element of all his success. His uk bashed venture records Rs 12 milion revenue in the first year and continue to more after each passing day.

Vikas is awarded several times including E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 at Oracle.

IT Head / Project Manager:

Suman Bhardwaj
Suman Bhardwaj (Born and brought up in new Delhi) is project manager at DHTA Systems.

As project manager, Suman maintains rich legacy of DHTA Systems and ensures, it scales new heights every day.

Moreover, her professional career includes: Yahoo, MTS, Samsung, Accenture and Google. She has the distinction of being the best employee at Google India and had been one of the leading forces behind the company's expansive growth.

Bhardawaj grew up in Delhi India. She finished her Bachelors in Computer Science & Engineering and Started her career at Yahoo India.

Team Java Development:

Anurag Mishra

Team Leader

Dheeraj Satyarthi

Jr. Java Developers
Team Digital Marketing:

Anshul Sharma

Digital Marketing Manager

Ved Pandey

Digital Marketing Analyst

Saurav Jaiswal

Sr. SEO Executive

Abhisek Trivedi

Adword Specialist
Team .Net Development:

Nirbhay Goyal

Team Leader

Hemant Singh

Associate Developer

Abhijit Rao

Sr .Net Developer

Saurav Shukla

Sr .Net Developer
Team PHP Development:

Vivek Bindra

Team Leader

Sandeep Raghav

Sr. Php Developer

Pallav Sharma

Associate Php Developer

Sandeep Rai

Jr. Php Developer
Team App Development:

Rajeev Singh Balyan

Team Leader

Rajeev Yadav

Android App Developer

Rupesh Gupta

Iphone App Developer
Team Web Design:

Manish Singh

Team Leader

Nikita Sharma

Jr. Web Designer

Abhisek Sharma

Sr. Web Designer
Content Writer:

Aditi Katiha

Network administrator:

Rohit khandelwal

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